About us

We are an innovative Czech company with more than 25 years of tradition in the field of automation. We offer a complete solution to your requirements for accurate measurements in mechanical engineering. We have our own quality consulting, development and programming capacity. We will completely produce the designed devices, so we are able to satisfy any of your requirements, incl. complex turnkey deliveries. Subsequently, we also provide regular or emergency service.

We offer unique solutions regarding the specific requirements of our customers. Our customers especially appreciate the individual approach and solution of the most complex and specific issues.

We offer a modular system for the implementation of measuring applications of all ranges using our unique HW solution for fast and accurate data processing. Together with multi-level sophisticated and fully configurable SW, from measuring units to the system of monitoring and configuration of measuring workplaces in production, and quality service, we offer a comprehensive solution for the measurement in modern engineering production.

The high flexibility of our products allows them to be used for non-standard applications as well as their easy adaptation to customer requirements.

The beginnings of the company date back to 1990, when an association of manufacturers of measuring and automation technology was founded under the name INTRONIX, focusing on the accurate measurement of geometric dimensions and shapes in mechanical engineering. We have developed a unique way of evaluating the signal from inductive sensors for the association, providing excellent linearity, high measurement speed and the possibility to synchronously measure and process the signal from up to dozens of measuring sensors at once. In addition, our unique solution makes it possible to connect other standard, as well as less frequently used sensors and carry out applications from hand-held measuring devices to fully automated lines.

We have gradually expanded our product range with software so that we can offer complete solutions for measuring applications in the industry.